Our projects

PetroffSoft started its activity with the development and distribution of its own software solutions, which are now integrated at many points in the country.

Hotel Management System- Capella

Hotel Management System- Capella


Capella is an excellent, innovative, and competitive hotel software with incredible capabilities, built with the latest IT technology. Besides a wide range of functionalities, this software can also offer you flexibility of the operations.

The system is the optimal solution for a hotel. With its intuitive interface it can make the work of your employees a real pleasure. Designed for different hotels, guest houses and other accommodation establishments that have not yet integrated such a system or ones that already have one, which, however, is not suitable for their needs.

Integration with guests’ personal documents reader, export to various accounting software products, API (Program Interface) for online reservations from your site, SMS notification of customers for upcoming booking, integration with restaurant software - Friday are only part of the amenities that Capella could offer you.

How does it work?

Every employee is authorized in the system with their own username and password. Through role managers and uses, the manager can set and manage access levels to the user software operations.

Creating, editing and canceling reservations, lodging and freeing guests, forming and issuing address cards, accounts, prepayments, payments, invoices and credit notes, canceling documents, generating reports and reports are a standard set of operations that Capella will provide you with.

The system also has the option of working with different price periods and currencies, setting packages and a price list of goods / services in the hotel.

The integration of the software with a personal document reader that automatically reads the guest's data from guests’ documents and forwards the information to the appropriate screen is a significant convenience. The reader saves time and effort and group queues are reduced.

Another convenience is the timeline of reservations and rooms that will provide you with a graphical visualization of the state of the hotel. That will allow you to easily judge where room reservations can be moved in order to fill the free periods and achieve a complete hotel occupancy. In addition to visualization, the timeline provides an opportunity for operations on the selected booking / room.

The system is designed to make it easier to work with bookings from the National Insurance Institute program.

It also allows bookings and reservations of beds.

Restaurant software- Friday

Restaurant software- Friday


Friday is an ideal assistant for your restaurant, the software is a Touchscreen POS Module for order marking.

At the time of marking, the orders in the kitchen and bar are printed.

Can be connected to a kitchen monitor.

Works in combination with our stock software - WebInventory.

When integrated with hotel software, it allows direct forwarding of orders to room numbers.

Warehouse software

Warehouse software


Web Inventory is a web based warehouse management software for warehouses and restaurants.

It is based on advanced RIA (rich Internet application) technology, combining easy web application support and intuitive desktop software interface.

Web Inventory allows you to set different levels of access to certain modules and screens of the system by allocating different roles to users.

The hierarchical structure of the product and merchandise groups in the system allows for their flexible organization and a variety of reporting options.

The software supports export of data to accounting software and has an API (program interface) for connection to external software.

How does it work?

Product entry - import of warehouse receipts, invoices, etc. in the relevant storage objects defined in the system.

Automatic calculation of average prices and refresh of last product delivery prices.

A recipe book describing the quantities of products involved in recopies of dishes.

Recipes allow the participation of other recipes in them (unwritten recipes)

Defining menus - allows you to pre-create menus with the option of calculating the products (calculate the necessary products for a given menu according to the number of portions of meals)

Especially useful functionality for working with set menus, tourist groups, buffet, etc.

Pricing - the system allows meals to be calculated based on average or last delivery prices of the products involved in the meals.

The dispatch of goods includes the disintegration of sold dishes to products according to the recipes and the subsequent generation of cost documents.

Inventory - updating of stock availability in warehouses and generating relevant documents with differences.

Reports - a wide range of export-oriented reports in different formats.